Sherby Sanborn is a Certified Consulting Arborist

About Sherby Sanborn

As a Consulting Arborist, I can provide you with an unbiased professional assessment regarding the condition and care needed to sustain your tree's life and long-term benefits.

If there is a need for pruning, fertilization, irrigation or other treatments, I can provide recommendations and help you locate reputable companies to provide those services. My business as a Consulting Arborist does not include tree pruning, removals, or other services.

Tree pruning is both a skill and an art. Improper pruning, particularly of oaks, can have long-term negative effects on the health and safety of your trees.

The Lizard Watching Guide: the common lizards of southern California's Mojave and Colorado deserts

The Lizard Watching Guide

A fascination with the natural world began in boyhood, catching lizards on family trips to Mono Lake. In the early 70's, I spent several summers working at the Nevada Test Site studying arthropod populations and lizard reproduction. This fueled my interest in zoology and entomology, which came in handy while I was working my way through a master's degree program in biology, specializing in herpetology with an emphasis on dessert ecosystems at Long Beach State University.

I also became a professional photographer and in 1994 published The Lizard-Watching Guide which allowed me to meld my love of lizards and my passion for nature photography.

These days you will find me studying the local trees for signs of Leaf Anthracnose Diseases, Oak Pit Scale, and a whole host of other bad actors. I enjoy the opportunity to work with my clients solving and diagnosing their tree, pest, and disease problems, while designing the best management practices to help their trees thrive.

If you want to know how your trees are doing, you have come to the right place.